Are you fed up with advice from recruiters and the so called “job experts” in relation to “how”? How to perform in a job interview, how to write a good CV, how to create a good covering letter and how to do this, how to do that? If so, you are just like me. I too am fed up. Bloody fed up actually. It is boring, non-inspiring, repetitive and totally out-dated.

Bored 1Over the next few weeks, I too will attempt to give you some advice in regards to “how”, but I will attempt to come with advice that you perhaps previously never have been told about and that will at least find place a few inches outside of the breadbox. More importantly, I will stay away from clichés and fancy business buzzwords. Will it be challenging? Of course it will, but I will at least give it a try.

In order for me to do this, we have to make a deal between us. My part of the deal is; no clichés and no buzzwords. Your part of the deal is to promise me one thing: Do not put all of my advice and tips into action. If you do, you make a big mistake. Why? Because you as a person are unique, because all people are different and because the most important part of a job seeking process is to act in a manner that makes you comfortable. Have we got a deal?

If you wonder why there is a line through some of the words above then here is a hint: Cliches

Forskjellig 1

Isn`t it somewhat peculiar that job experts in todays` world still haven’t grasped the fact that all people are different and that what may work very well for one person will not work for another?

As mentioned in the beginning, this blog series will cover situations that most people will experience during a job seeking process:

  1. Create, send and sell inn a covering letter
  2. Create, send and sell inn a CV
  3. Follow up on applications
  4. Participate in interviews
  5. Receive and accept a job offer

You may wonder why I am writing about the categories just mentioned, particularly considering I have questioned the level of interest such articles creates. No need to worry. Remember, we have a deal and my part of the deal is to make this blog series both exiting, engaging, forward thinking and perhaps even motivating. As a result of this, I believe you have something to look forward to (I have to say that)

The first part of the blog series will be released on 17th of November. In the meantime, I would like to leave you with a few inspiring tips for when you are looking for a new job.

  • CV never to be longer than two pages
  • Remember to give a firm handshake when meeting the person interviewing you
  • Always have some questions prepared for the end of the interview
  • Dress smart
  • Arrive on time
  • Be nice and professional

Most importantly: Don’t be yourself. Be the person all the experts tells you to be.

An ironic greeting from someone who has just taught you how to suck eggs

Erik Falk Hansen

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