Isn’t it rather convenient that those “experts” who make money out of teaching people how to apply for jobs and how to behave when seeking a new job describe the whole process as a complex science?  Isn`t it also rather convenient for those same people to give out confusing messages to the sorry souls that are looking for and struggling to find work?  Of course it is.  At the end of the day, this is how these “experts” make their money.

If I was a job seeker these days and if I didn’t know any better, I too would be somewhat perplexed about the complexity of the job seeking process.  Not because applying for a job is so god damn complex but due to the fact that every expert under the sun claims that it is so god damn complex.

rocketThankfully, on this occasion, I can confidently say that I know better, and after reading this hopefully so too will you. The fact of the matter is that applying for a job is not rocket science and neither is any other aspect of the job seeking process.  So there you go. That is the first piece of good news from me in 2015.

Since the turn of the year, I have had a high number of people that have queried why I have not posted any new posts on my blog.  Well, I kind-of decided to take some time off from blogging over the holiday period and focus more on what comes naturally to me; eating, unwrapping presents and a fair bit of drinking. Having said that, I did honestly have the intention to start blogging again on the 2nd of January.  So why didn`t I?  Simple answer from a simple man I suppose; I had nothing to write about or at least nothing important to write.   So rather than bore you with even more pointless drivel (I leave that to the experts) I decided to take a longer break than planned.  Hope you don’t mind.

Now I am back however, ready to once again provoke, inspire, motivate and engage.


“Erik, I am not sure how to approach things in terms of securing a new job. Have you any good advice for me?” (A question I receive on a daily basis)

My answer: (An answer I give on a daily basis)

“No, I don’t.  Just in the same way I wouldn’t have any advice in regards to what milk you should buy, what colour car you should buy or whether you should marry Pauline, Jackie or Lucy.”

“Why Erik, you have many years of recruitment experience and should be good at these things?” (Yes, we are still on the daily basis thing here in case you wondered)

I can tell you why; It will only complicate things for you and possibly damage your chances of securing a new job. (Still on a daily basis)

What I don’t say is that it will turn me into one of those animals that makes money out of making things difficult for people.  Those “experts” I mentioned in the introduction who seem to believe that you have to have the first name of Albert and surname of Einstein in order to apply for job.  Those who tell you to do so and so, write so and so and behave in a set way.  Yes, those people who make money out of telling you how not to be yourself and how important it is not to be yourself.  No, that is not me nor my way of doing things.

What I have decided to do however is to have a think about, and share, how I would approach things if I was in a position in which I needed a new job but before I share this, and as always,  we have to make a deal:

Promise me that you don’t copy exactly my way of doing things. What works for me may not work for you and if you do things that you are not comfortable with (irrespective of what the experts may say) well then the end-result also tends to be rather uncomfortable.

What you can do however is to perhaps pick up a few hints and tips, perhaps get some new inspirations and most and foremost, you can finally learn and experience that applying for jobs is not much more complex than frying an egg.maths

Before I run through “my way of doing things” let`s look at some mathematics.  I mentioned Einstein earlier, now let me introduce you to one of the greatest mathematicians of all time, yours truly who came up with the following formulas:


Don’t be yourself + uncomfortable with how you have been told to behave

=             No job

Do what all the experts say + not understanding why you do it

=             No job

X + X

=             New job

Can you work out what should replace X + X?

Of course you can but just in case you have had too much stick meat or turkey over Christmas and a few too many aquavits or whiskeys (and still feeling it,) here is the answer:

Be yourself + be comfortable with everything you do and how you do things

=             New job

Simple, isn’t it?

To experience in more detail how simple the job seeking process can be, make sure you stay tuned for part 2 to be posted early next week.

In the meantime and in the words of a true legend, remember this:


Happy job hunting. Keep it easy


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