It is Sunday evening and I am out for a brief walk in an attempt to get rid of the hangover that seems to have been with me since Saturday morning. (God I regret those 5 too many Irish Coffees on Friday Night). It is very icy and I see there is a person in front of me having problems walking on the ice.  “He can`t be Norwegian”, I think to myself as he is clearly a novice walking on ice.  I walk as I always walk, not at all scared of the shiny ice under my feet or what it can do to my head if I fall over for that matter.  Guess what?  I didn`t fall over. Unfortunately that can`t be said for the man in front of me.  As careful as he is, the ice beats him and he goes down, flat out.  Guess he is not going to make into into work for a day or two.

ice 1In part 1 and part 2 of this blog-series I have been somewhat critical about those who constantly try to complicate the job-seeking process and confuse candidates with all sorts of pointless drivel.  They are the types of people that would tell the person who fell on the ice to invest in some expensive non-slip boots or attend a course on ‘How to Successfully Walk on Ice’.  In contradiction to those “experts” I have actually gone as far as to say that applying for a job isn`t all that difficult.

So who am I to claim that the job-seeking process is as easy as frying an egg?  Isn`t such a statement somewhat disrespectful to those finding it hard when it comes to securing a job?  Yes, some of you may say, but I totally disagree.  My sole and ultimate point with this blog-series has been to take out the complexity of seeking a new job, thus making it easier for you as a candidate to focus on what is important.  Being yourself and doing what you are comfortable with.

Natural talent

So, back to walking on ice again. The person in front of me fell because he was too careful, too afraid and too sceptical of what the ice might do to him.  As a result, he did not walk as he would normally walk and he let the ice beat him.  Me on the other hand dealt with the ‘ice problem’ by facing it headon and without a hint of fear.  I beat the ice on that Sunday evening walk.  Do you know why?  Because I was comfortable and because walking on ice comes naturally to me.

So let`s move on from walking on ice to applying for a job;

Someone from my network, whos thoughts I rate highly, by the way, mentioned that some people simply have a natural talent for finding and securing a new job.  He is absolutely right. These people have no fear of the job-seeking process, they do what they need to do and they win.  Just like me beating the ice yesterday.

Then there are those who are not so comfortable when it comes to applying for jobs, those who let the process beat them and those who ‘fear’ the process.  It is this group of People who should take encouragement from the fact that applying for a job is not rocket science,  irrespective of the confusing messages you receive from ‘job experts’.

How can you make it easy?

  • Be yourself (this should be obvious by now)
  • Do what you are comfortable with
  • Act in a manner that makes you comfortable
  • Work bloody hard

Remember these four words; BE, DO, ACT, WORK and you will see that the job-seeking process  will come naturally to you, quicker than you expect.  Best of all, you may soon be back in work.

Remember, it is not rocket science and if I had to give a tip to all those job-seekers out there it would be in the words of Susan Jeffers:

Feel the fear and do it anyway

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