So far, we have had the «pleasure» of meeting the UK Recruitment King, Sebastian, on two occasions. We have been able to learn how, Sebastian, in a devious manner have been able to trick both clients and candidates in order to look after the one and only thing that matters to him; him good self. As we know by know, Sebastian have a habit of taking great joy and pride in “screwing” things up for his candidates and clients and the more damage he causes for them, the bigger the bonus check.

thief 3

The bad news? We aren’t finished with Sebastian and his dirty tricks. As a matter f fact, we have just got started.


In front of us? More lies, hustling and highly unethical behaviour.


The fairytale of Sebastian, Camilla and Company X

Once upon a time, there was a recruitment “expert” with the name of Sebastian. Sebastian was the king of the castle, the person that all his 18 year old colleagues looked up to and the one everyone wanted to be. If they could become as good and as cool as Sebastian within a few years, then they really had made it.

It was Monday morning and Sebastian arrived early into the office. He didn’t feel all that good this morning. A weekend of heay drinking and partying had left its marks, but nothing a few white lines couldn’t sort, he thought to himself as he headed for the toilet.

A new week lied ahead of him, as he saw it, a week with many new opportunities. His goal for the week? As always, further improve his monthly bonus check. He had worked out that he needed 2 more placements in order to put down a deposit on the Ferrari he had wanted for so long. “With a bit of luck, charm and some dodgy dealings he would get there” he said to himself as he prepared the chemicals on the freshly cleaned toilet seat.

Ferrari or no Ferrari, there was another and more important reason why Sebastian needed to perform this week; An internal competition in which this montsh top five sales-consultats would have the opportunity to work from the big boss` mansion in Marbella for two weeks. Could it get better? A bit of work topped up with champagne, half naked ladies and half a pharmacy. Yes, there was no chance that Sebastian would miss out on this incentive. Whatever the cost.

FerrariDuring the weekend, Sebastian had received the CV from a Norwegian candidate called Camilla. Camilla was a Stavanger based Project Manager with long experience from working within the oil and gas sector globally. Unfortunately, she had recently lost her job due to low oil price and now that she had bee on the market for almost 6 weeks she was getting rather desperate. Luckily she had seen an advert that Sebastian had put out online the previous week and she had been quick to call him for more details. After a brief chat, they had agreed that she would send her CV over the weekend and that they would catch up on the phone the following Monday.

Monday arrived, Sebastian had finished his toilet-business and all there was to do now was to call Camilla.

The position that Sebastian had advertised was what he called a bait position, a position that did not exist but a position he used to get candidates getting in touch with him so he could have some “fun” with them. “At the end of the day, a bit of devilish fun was what this job was about” Sebastian often said to himself.

During the conversation with Camilla, Sebastian confirmed that he would present her CV to the advertised “position” and stated that he was certain that someone with her background would be of great interest to this “client”. “Excellent, finally a recruiter that is helping me” Camilla thought to herself. “Ha ha, suck on that one” Sebastian thought to himself.

Before they finished on the phone, Sebastian had a very important question for Camilla. As it happened, this was the main reason why he had called her in the first place and actually the main reason why he had put out the advertisement. “Camilla, please give me an update in terms of other interviews you may have attended or will be attending?” Sebastian said. Camilla wasn’t 100% sure why this was of importance to Sebastian and was somewhat hesitant to pass on this information. Sebastian explained that he could see where she was coming from (being able to show empathy was something he had learned through a number of internal and external sales courses). “We do however need this information and I hope you trust me when I say that we need this for the benefit of you having a change to get this job.” Sebastian continued. “This will help me and the client to get a bettbper understanding of your motivations and aspirations, which is absolutely crucial” he continued. “Fair enough” Camilla thought to herself as she went on to inform Sebastian that she had attended an interview with Company X and that she had interviews coming up with Company Y and Company Z. She also explained that Company X was likely to give her an offer and that their only reservation was the fact that she did not have a Master degree. “Oh yes” Sebastian though to himself, while he could see the Ferrari in his driveway and the smell of suncream on the half naked ladies in Marbella entered his UK office.

As soon as Camilla had told Sebastian who her contact persons were at Company X, Y and Z, Sebastian finished the conversation. Camilla was a bit flabbergasted as to how quick the call ended but “perhaps he needed the toilet” she thought to herself.

Sebastian jumped up on his desk and proudly shouted to the rest of the office; “Today`s first three leads have come in and they are smoking hot. Time to get to business and show the recruitment world who is number one.”

After a quick search on LinkedIn, Sebastian found a candidate that was very similar to Camilla. BUT, this person had a Master Degree, actually he had two Master Degrees. “He would be perfect for Company X” Sebastian said to himself. Sebastian quickly picked up the phone and called Company X. While the phone was ringing he shouted to the rest of the office; Watch and learn.

“Hi, my name is Sebastian and I am calling you from the UK. I work close up to the Global Oil and Gas Industry with a focus on the Norwegian market, and from some market research we have carried out we believe you are in the market for a good Project Manager. Is that correct?” Sebastian said. “ Yes, I suppose we are” said the person at the other, still somewhat confused about who this Sebastian was. “Excellent, then I have the pleasure of presenting you with a superb candidate that is now available for work. He has everything you need including two Master Degrees. He is away on holiday for another 10 days but can come and see you as soon as he is back“ Sebastian continued. The manager was somewhat perplexed about Sebastian and his somewhat aggressive manner and they had more or less decided to offer the position to Camilla, something he went on to explain to Sebastian. “ I am fully aware of this” Sebastian said and continued “I know of this Camilla and she is someone Company X should stay far away from. First of all, she only has a Bachelor Degree but I have spoken to a number of high profile people within the industry whom not have had much positive to say about her” Sebastian said and continued “ I don’t want to be the one ruining Camilla`s chances of getting a new job, but at the same time I do feel I have a responsibility to you as a potential customer and honesty is absolute key. That’s why I feel I have to be up front and tell you this.” Sebastian said.

Having chatted for another few minutes about how bad Camilla was and how good Sebastian`s candidate was, they came to an agreement; Sebastian`s candidate would come in for an interview with Company X in 13 days time.

And they all lived happily ever after.

If you wonder what hapened next, I can tell you that Camilla is still looking for work while Sebastian has just send a 30 000 USD invoice to Company X as they decided to hire Sebastians candidate.

Stay tuned for part 4 and maybe even a part 5 and 6

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