Jobseeker or no jobseeker, most of us have probably had a few quiet and nice days over Easter with family and friends. However, it is now back to reality. For a serious jobseeker, that reality is very much the same as to those in full time work. Yes, a serious jobseeker will also be starting work on Tuesday 7th of April, have the same morning coffee as those in work, work as hard during the day as those who are in work and believe it or not, also eat some lunch at midday. Yes, a serious jobseeker starts and ends the day in exactly the same manner as those who are in work. If you are a jobseeker and this is not the case, well then you will find it difficult to secure a new position any time soon.

phonecallOne of the most important aspects of being a successfull jobseeker is to keep yourself motivated while at the same time show a willpower that is stronger and better than all the other jobseekers. In addition to this, the period ahead of us is probably more important than any other period of the year for those seeking a new job. It is the period I like to refer to as  “the pre-summer rush”.  This pre-summer rush is the period from when the Easter bunny has disappeared until a few days before the main holiday-season starts in June / July. This is a period, in which you as a jobseeker have a great opportunity to secure your dream job. If you do things correct, well then the world is your oyster. If you do Things correct, well then you can take a long and relaxing summer break knowing that you have a job to go to when you return.

If you are a good and serious jobseeker you ensure that as of tomorrow you are prepared, motivated and look forward to hunting for your dream job. Yes, you understand that if you do things right, then your dream job is just around the corner.

The grand plan

I have had a high number of jobseekers contacting me in relation to any tips I have for them when they now return from the Easter break. My answer is always the same: I don’t necessarily have the right recipe for you, but I am more than happy to share with you how I would approach things if I was looking for a new job. And here we go.

First Tuesday after Easter – Ready, set and og

I ensure I get up early in the morning and have a nice cup of coffee with a couple of sigarettes. First then am I ready to create a plan. “The grand plan” that will ensure I secure my dream job. Personally, it is highly important to me that I keep on top of things and that I remain in control at all times. I want to organise my week in a manner that ensures I can do much more job seeking activities than that of my competitors (other jobseekers). It is exactly this I will be spending my morning doing. Creating the grand plan.

  1. Create a list of all new positions I have spotted on various job portals or in newspapers over Easter as well as any new positions I have spotted on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Create a list of all new companies I have read or heard about over Easter and whom I want to contact speculatively.
  3. Create a list of all outstanding opportunities from before Easter (Positions I have applied for, companies I was attempting to contact speculatively and of course the various recruitment agencies I was in contact with.

Once I have created the above lists I can finally get to work, knowing that I am totally in control of things. My motivation is high and I am convinced that the dream job is somewhere within the spreadsheet I now have of 75-100 companies and positions. I pat myself on the back and give myself a “well done Erik”.

So, finally time to get on the phone and call all of these companies?

Almost, but first I will do the following: Create a status update on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that shows that I am now looking for a position and at the same time state that I am free to interview at any time during the next few weeks. ( I decide to put this out prior to calling through my list, simply as I can then let this status update do some work for me while I am hitting the phone)

Finally it is time to hit the phone and call the companies on my list. Well, there is one problem; I am a bit hesitant calling people on their first day back from their holidays. “The last thing they want on a Tuesday morning is a call from a jobseeker” I say to myself. “Come on, get a grip Erik” I think after a while, realising that most other jobseekers probably thinks like I just did and therefore I realise that Tuesday morning is probably a better time than ever to call these people. In fact, I am likely to get well ahead of all the other jobseekers.

I hit the phones, and first of all I contact all the new positions on my list. This is more important than anything else and a good jobseeker is good at prioritising. Once I have done this, I can then move over to chasing up the opportunities from before Easter and for then to call the companies I want to contact speculatively.

The day is finally over. I have done my part to ensure I get seen and heard. I have come much further than my job-seeking competitors and I am a happy man. My dream job is just around the corner and I am already looking forward to tomorrow 🙂

winning line

PS. To get an additional benefit of this text, it may be smart to read some of my previous and more detailed posts about how I would approach my jobseeking activities. They can also be found on ths blog.

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